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Derek Prince - The 7 Main Blessings and Curses In The Bible

Derek Prince - The 7 Main Blessings and Curses In The Bible

Now I want to deal out of Scripture with the forms that blessings and curses take. There is one particular chapter in the Old Testament which deals exclusively with blessings and curses. How many of you know which it is? Deuteronomy chapter 28. All right. It’s got 14 verses of blessings and 54 verses of curses. Now, we can’t go into that because of time but I suggest if you’re concerned, that at your own convenience you study that chapter carefully. I’ve studied it many times and I’m going to offer you my summation. But please exercise your own judgment as to whether you think this is accurate or not. Here is my summation of the main blessings and the main curses. As a matter of fact, really, they’re exactly opposite to one another. Here are seven blessings.

Number one, exaltation. It means being lifted up. You’re no longer living under things.

Number two, a word I had to coin, reproductiveness. I couldn’t find one normal English word. But a person who is in the blessing of God is fruitful in every area of his or her life.

Number three, health.

Number four, prosperity or success.

Number five, victory.

Number six, Moses said you’ll be the head and not the tail.

And number seven, you’ll be above and not beneath.

Now, when I was studying that some years ago I asked the Lord: What's the difference between the head and the tail. I feel He gave me a simple answer. The head makes the decisions, the tail just gets dragged around. So which way are you living? Are you making the decisions? Are you in charge of the situation? Or, are you simply being dragged around like a tail by circumstances and forces that you don’t understand and you can’t control? If you’re a tail it’s very possible you’re under a curse.

I’m not saying every one of those blessings is due to this cause but that’s for you to discern. There’s only one expert in this field and his name is not Derek Prince. It’s the Holy Spirit. He’s the one who has to show you personally. I can preach the general truth but you have to get the specific application from the Holy Spirit. Then let’s look at the curses, and they’re just exactly the opposite.

Humiliation, failure to reproduce or barrenness. I would say basically barrenness is nearly always in some way associated with a curse.

Number three, sickness of every kind. And if you read Deuteronomy 28, I mean, there is no sickness that is left out by the time you’ve come to that list.

Number four, poverty or failure.

Number five, defeat.

And number six, you’re the tail and not the head.

And number seven, you’re beneath, not above. You’ve probably heard about the two Christians who met. One of them said: Well, how are you doing, Brother? And he replied: Well, under the circumstances I’m not doing badly. And the first Christian said: Well, what are you doing under the circumstances? You should be above and not beneath.
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