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Derek Prince - Freemasonry Can Bring A Curse Upon Family

Derek Prince - Freemasonry Can Bring A Curse Upon Family

Then we’re going on in the next common cause of curses. It’s what I call unscriptural covenants. Exodus 23:32, in relationship to the people whom Israel was to dispossess from the land of Canaan; that is, all of them, idol worshipers, people who lived in total rebellion against the living God. Moses said, Exodus 23:32: You shall make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. You understand, if people have false gods and you make a covenant with those people, you are also making a covenant with their gods.

Now, I’m going to say something that I trust will not offend anybody and I say it simply because my desire is to help people. One extremely common example of that in our contemporary culture in the Western world is freemasonry. Because, a person who becomes a mason makes a covenant with those who are masons. Freemasons will tell you that it’s secret, but it’s not. In the 1950s a book was published in Britain by an Anglican clergyman named Hannah called Darkness Visible which sets out all the main rites and ceremonies of freemasonry, and no mason has ever challenged that book in more than thirty years

When you become a mason you have to pronounce a curse on yourself if you disclose the secrets of the masons. And it includes things like having your tongue cut out, your right arm cut off and thrown over your left shoulder, and your body being exposed in a place where the tides rise and fall twice in every twenty-four hours. Those are self-imposed curses. Freemasonry is an idol religion. It’s clear in the 32nd degree, the royal arch degree, which acknowledged and offers worship to a person called Jabulon. J-A-B-U-L-O-N which is a combination of Jehovah, Baal and Osiris. And so the true God of the Bible is joined together with two idol deities whom God has totally condemned.

When you make a covenant with that, you’re making a covenant with those gods. I’m saying this on the basis of much experience. I cannot take time to relate all the experiences but I’ll simply relate one. In Australia about three or four years ago Ruth and I were ministering in a church on Sunday morning and we were praying for people. A young woman came forward about eighteen years old with a tiny little baby in her arms, for prayer for the baby. And you would have said the baby was six days old but actually she told us it was six weeks old. We said, what is the problem, and she said, she won’t take any nourishment.

So, as we prayed the power of God came on this young woman and she went down on the floor. Ruth caught the baby out of her arms and held it. As she lay on the floor, God gave Ruth a word of knowledge to the people who were ministering to her. She said, her father is a Freemason. Deal with that force. And the moment they came against it the woman began to writhe and scream under the power of a demon. And as they ministered, she was released with a prolonged scream. But the remarkable thing was the little baby in Ruth’s arms released a precisely similar scream at the same moment.

So not merely was the mother released but the baby was released. They came back that evening about six hours later and we asked the mother how the baby was doing. She said she’d taken three full bottles since the morning. But I want you to see the fact that the father’s participation in freemasonry had brought the curse upon the daughter and the granddaughter. I mean, I do not have time but I can give you half a dozen other specific examples. It affects the family, it affects the descendants, it affects the spouse, it affects the relatives. There are other ways that this kind of curse can come in. In Tribal societies, very commonly a baby or a young person is initiated into the tribe by certain rites. Very often there are cuts made on the skin or powder inserted under the skin. And that exposes that person to the curse that’s on the idolatry that’s the focus of that tribe. Again, I could but I don’t have time to give examples.
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