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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - You Can Scare The Holy Spirit Away

Derek Prince - You Can Scare The Holy Spirit Away

Derek Prince - You Can Scare The Holy Spirit Away
TOPICS: Holy Spirit

This is an excerpt from: The Headship of Jesus - Part 2

Let me close by suggesting to you certain simple basic conditions that we need to meet if we're going to be able to hear from Jesus as the head of the church. I could give you Scriptures but I won't. I mean, I'll give you the references, you can check them.

First of all, you need to recognize your need to hear from Him. We need to recognize our need.

Secondly, Paul says in Romans 12:12, present your body a living sacrifice and you will be renewed in your mind to find the will of God. So as a general principle, if we want to find God's will we have to make ourselves totally unreservedly available to God. Our body has to become an offering on His altar.

Thirdly, in Matthew 6:10 we have the beginning of the Lord's prayer, which is a pattern And Jesus says pray this way, 'Our Father, who art in heaven,' what's the first hallowed, what's that mean? Worship. We worship. We worship you. Hallowed be thy name.

The next thing is we align ourselves with God's purpose. Not to get our plan fulfilled but to get God's plan fulfilled. What is God's plan? Thy kingdom come. See, we really don't have a right to expect God to answer our prayers till we have aligned ourselves by a decision of our will with God's purpose, which is the coming of His kingdom on earth. And then thy will be done. That means, God, not what I want but what you want. Those are basic conditions.

And then in Romans 8:14 it says: As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are God's mature sons. So we have to make friends with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not theology, He's a person. The Holy Spirit is as much a person as God the Father and God the Son. If you want to be led by the Holy Spirit you have to be friendly with the Holy Spirit. You have to be sensitive to Him. He's not a dictator. He's a dove. He's easily frightened. You can scare Him away.
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