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Derek Prince - Settled In Heaven

Derek Prince - Settled In Heaven
TOPICS: Derek Prince Devotions

Forever, oh Lord Thy word is settled in heaven. - Psalm 119:89-96 (KJV)

God's word comes to us in the book that we call the Bible, and here in the book it tells us something about itself. It tells us three wonderful things about its own character.

First of all, it's forever. It's eternal. It's not temporary. It doesn't change with fashions or the events of history or the attitudes of thoughts of man. It's forever, an eternal Word.

Then again, it's God's word. It's not man's word. He didn't start with man, it came from God. It's the revelation of God himself. His ways, his thoughts, his attitudes, his purposes, his laws. Men were the channels through which it came, but always God was the source.

The third thing it tells us, is that it's settled in heaven. Nothing that happens on earth can ever change the word of God. It's not subject to the decrees of kings or emperors or to the opinions of politicians or to the violence of armies. It's out of reach of all those evil forces. It's settled forever in heaven.

What a comfort and what a blessing in the midst of all that's transient and temporary. And impermanent and insecure that we can lay hold in our own lives on God's word, which is forever, which comes from him, which is settled in heaven.
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