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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - Everything About The Jewish People Is Foretold In The Bible

Derek Prince - Everything About The Jewish People Is Foretold In The Bible

Derek Prince - Everything About The Jewish People Is Foretold In The Bible
TOPICS: Israel, Jews

This is an excerpt from: Why Israel?

Now I'm going to point out to you another unique fact about the Jewish people, absolutely unique. Their whole history was foretold in prophecy. That's not true of any other nation, but the whole history of the Jewish people from Abraham onward was foretold in prophecy in the Bible. And I'm going to give you altogether sixteen stages in the outworking of prophecy which are predicted concerning Israel.

Number 1, and I could give you a Scripture reference for each one of these but time would not really permit. The first three were all given to Abraham. The prediction of their enslavement in Egypt, Number 1.

Number 2: Their deliverance with wealth from Egypt, and remember Abraham was told they'll come out with much possession.

They'd been slaves and in one night, one period of twenty-four hours, they became wealthy with the wealth of the Egyptians. A remarkable fact predicted before. Their possession of the Land of Canaan was predicted to Abraham. And then we go on to Deuteronomy and other books.

Number 4 – That they would turn to idolatry in the Promised Land was clearly predicted and certainly fulfilled.

Number 5 – That God would establish a center of worship in Jerusalem.

Number 6 – That the Northern Kingdom, called Israel, would be carried into captivity in Assyria.

Number 7 – That the Southern Kingdom, called Judah, would be carried into captivity in Babylon.

Number 8 – The destruction of the first temple, that was the one built by Solomon, was predicted in detail.

Number 9 – The return of a small remnant from Babylon was predicted.

Number 10 – The destruction of the second temple, the one that stood in the days of Jesus, He Himself predicted in detail. And it's interesting. You go to Jerusalem today and the Jewish guides will lead you round the temple area and they will show you stones that are just standing on their own, and they'll say: "You see it was predicted that every stone would be thrown down. Not one stone would be left standing upon another". I tell you our Jewish guides believe a lot more about the Bible than some Christian preachers. All right.

Number 11 – It was predicted, Leviticus 26 and elsewhere, many other places, that because of disobedience they would be scattered among the nations, the Gentiles.

Number 12 – That they would endure persecution and oppression among the Gentiles. That certainly has been fulfilled.

Number 13 – That they would be regathered from all nations. That is being fulfilled before our eyes and it's important that we see that. So thirteen of the predictions have been fulfilled. There remain three more, as I see it, that are still to be fulfilled.

Number 14. The gathering of all nations against Jerusalem in war.

Number 15 – The supernatural revelation of Messiah to His people.

Number 16 – The coming of Messiah in glory and power to establish His Kingdom on earth.

So out of sixteen predictions, thirteen have been fulfilled. according to my mathematics, and I'm not very strong on mathematics, but I think that's about eighty-one percent. Now I would have to say I don't think that we're crazy fanatics if we believe that the remaining three predictions will be fulfilled. People look at us strangely as if we believe strange things. But to me, and I was a professional logician before I became a preacher, to me it's logical to believe that if a book can predict thirteen events in advance with correctness and accuracy, any other predictions that book gives should be taken pretty seriously.
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