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Watch 2022 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - How One Act Of Obedience Doubled Derek's Income

Derek Prince - How One Act Of Obedience Doubled Derek's Income

Derek Prince - How One Act Of Obedience Doubled Derek's Income
TOPICS: Obedience

This is an excerpt from: War In Heaven And Earth - Part 2

Then you have to break with the occult, and all false religion. That is essential. And you may have to get rid of occult objects that are in your house, because God told Moses if you bring them into your house, any cursed object, then you will be cursed, just like that thing. Some of you have things in your house that bring a curse on you. Objects related to the occult. Objects of superstition. Get rid of them. Do a cleanse.

Let me tell you my own experience. My grandfather was an officer in the British Army who suppressed the so-called Boxer Rebellion in China. You may not know about it, but there was a revolt by the Chinese Nationalists around 1900 and all, and the British sent an expeditionary force under the command of my grandfather who suppressed it. I'm not saying it had to be suppressed, but that's what they did.

Well, my grandfather came back with some rather precious Chinese antiques. And in due course that was passed on to me through my mother. And underneath were four beautiful embroidered Chinese dragons. I mean, they were beautiful. And they had five claws. And a dragon with five claws is an imperial dragon. So I had them framed and hung on the wall in my living room. But when I started the ministry of deliverance, the Lord had a conversation with me. He said, "Tell me, in the Bible, who there is represented by a dragon"? Well, I didn't have to be a theologian to answer that. I said, "The devil." Then He said, "Do you think it is appropriate that you, as a preacher, have something on the walls of your living room that depicts or advertises the devil"?

I received the message, so I put them away. And I want to tell you. I didn't change what I was doing. My ministry was exactly the same. I was a traveling Bible teacher, but the following year my income doubled. That speaks a language you can understand. Do you understand? It would not have doubled if I had not removed the obstacle, the barrier to God's blessing. So get rid of everything occult. Let me say that one of the most dangerous and subtle forms in the occult is Freemasonry. If you have a relative or you yourself have been involved in Freemasonry in any way, break that down completely, totally, end it, get it out of your house. Don't have any connection with it.

Some of the most horrific cases of demonization I have seen have been related to Freemasonry. Forgive all other people. Break with the occult and all false religions. And God warned Moses, saying, "If you take one of those satanic items into your home, you'll become a curse like them." Prepare to be freed from every curse on your life. We are going to work with that without going into it. Jesus was cursed on the cross. That was the last thing that happened to Him that we might be delivered from every curse and enter into the blessing of Abraham, whom God blessed in all things. There's another book I've published, called Blessing or Curse, your choice.

I think it's the most, if I may say so, the most unique revelation God has given me. Other people talk about casting out demons. But I don't know of any other book that systematically deals with - or thoroughly addresses - the issue of swearing. Many, many people in America, England and Europe today do not believe in swearing. They think it's superstition. Trust me, if you go to Africa or Asia, they know that curses are real. They are just as real here but they are dressed in nice smart clothes. So you can be released from a curse. Why? Because Jesus was made a curse on the cross. That is the only basis for liberation. Take your stand before God. Come on God's side. Say, "God, I'm Your child. I'm Your servant. I want to serve You, want to live for You. I hate everything that comes between You and me. I don't want it. I'm for You."

Number nine, expel. That's very, very important. That's why I titled my book "They Shall Cast Out Evil Spirits." For expel is not a religious word. I was looking for a word that wasn't religious. It is in a certain translation of the New Testament. So what is exorcising? You have something in you that you don't want. What are you doing then? You drive it out. You breathe it out. You blow it out. You sob it out. You cough it out. You scream it out, but you take it out! You're not holding it in.

Now I saw this wonderful example it was somewhere near Washington DC, quite a few years ago. A mother brought her four-year-old son to me. She said, "Will you pray for him"? I said, "What's his problem"? She said "Allergies". I said, "What kind of allergies"? She said "Food allergies". I said, "What is he allergic to"? She said "Tell me what he is not allergic to". I said, "I deal with this like an evil spirit. Are you ready"? She said "Yes". So then I put the little boy down and I spoke to him in very simple language. I said, "There is an evil spirit or breath in you that prevents you from eating things you really like. I'm going to command that spirit to come out in the name of Jesus. I want you to blow it out".

Well, he was like a little soldier. I mean, everything just went military. I've been through it all. I said, "Now, come out, spirit." I said, "Blow it out." And he blew out four times. No emotion, nothing. Well, I didn't know what had happened. So I said, "That's the best I can do". So he left with his mother. About three days later the mother was back. She said, "Pray for me too." I said, "What are your problems"? She said "Allergies". I said, "First tell me what happened to your son." "Well," she said. "He marched home with me, marched to the fridge, took out everything he liked, ate it all and nothing did him any harm."

You see? This is so simple that religious people can't always do it, but drive it out. Years ago I received a letter from a woman. She said, "Brother Prince, never hesitate to teach people to breathe it out." She said, "My husband went to one of your meetings, went forward, prayed like you said, blew out four times and that's all that happened. But," she said, "he's become a different man since." This is very real. You see, it's not up there. It's down here on the face of the earth. So on pages 216 and 217 (English version) is the prayer for deliverance. So I want you to think about what I've said, open your heart and mind to the Lord and say to Him, "Lord, is there something in me that I need to get rid of? Because I want it out"?
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