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Watch 2022 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - How To Protect Your Family From Spiritual Attacks

Derek Prince - How To Protect Your Family From Spiritual Attacks

Derek Prince - How To Protect Your Family From Spiritual Attacks
TOPICS: Protection, Spiritual warfare

This is a clip from the full sermon: War In Heaven And Earth - Part 2

I have another common demon that invades unborn children, and that is the demon of rejection. You see, every little baby come into the world longing for one thing more than anything else. What's that? Love. That's right. But you see the mother has too many children. She has not enough income. She finds that she's pregnant and she's sorry, she doesn't have to say anything. She just says, "I wish I didn't have this baby. That baby is born with a spirit of rejection."

This goes for my second wife Ruth She was born at the height of the depression, in 1930. She was the eighth child and her mother was already struggling to feed the seven previous children. And without saying anything, the mother had great difficulty having to feed another mouth. And Ruth had to be delivered from a spirit of rejection. Thank God we knew what to do, and she was miraculously freed. But rejection is one of the most common demons and it very often comes in while one is still in the mother's womb. Then there is pressure in early childhood.

James chapter 3:16 says this. James 3:16 For where there is envy and self-interest, there is disorder and all manner of evil deeds. So, in a quarrel-torn, discordant family, children, born or unborn, are automatically exposed to demons. And most kids don't have strong enough defenses to keep the demons out.

So every child born into an unhappy, strife-diversified family is exposed to demons. How many such families are there in the Western world today? Are there many? Look, parents are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere in their families where the children can grow up free from demonic influences. Very few parents in America today do this. That's one of the reasons I wrote my book Husband and Father, because the greatest failure in American culture lies with husbands and fathers. And in the end, everything revolves around him. It's amazing what women and mothers can do, but no woman and mother is a substitute for a father. And the greatest need of the West today is men who are real fathers. Amen? Amen. Come on ladies, you say Amen. Good.

I am married to two wonderful women. I'm not a misogynist. Never has been, never will be. I admire women. In fact, I envy women. I want the best for them. I hate to see them prostitute themselves to the world. I have high standards for women. I know what a woman can be. Please don't get me wrong when I say we need fathers. I'm not saying we don't need mothers. But today we have more good mothers than good fathers. But many, many children in today's West are exposed to demons in early childhood and most of them don't have the mental resistance to keep them out.
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