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Watch 2022 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - What Comes From Knowing God The Father

Derek Prince - What Comes From Knowing God The Father

Derek Prince - What Comes From Knowing God The Father

This is an excerpt from: Father God

Let me recapitulate briefly the four things, that come through knowing the Father. Number one, personal Identity: You know who you are because you know who your Father is. You see, we have a fatherless generation around us. And they’re never going to be satisfied until they have a father, and it’s our privilege to tell them there is a Father, who loves them, who’s waiting for them, who will not condemn them, who will not criticize them, who will not point out all their faults and failings. He’s just waiting. And I have said to some people, I believe if we could get that across to this generation, many of them would run into their Father’s arms. That’s what they’re longing for.

But the only way we can communicate it is the way Jesus communicated it to His disciples. It’s not by preaching. That can play a part, but it’s by living as sons and daughters of God. Living in security. Not carrying some heavy load, but trusting Him whose burden is light and whose yoke is easy. And when people see people like that, they become interested. What makes you different? Why don’t you have furrows in your brow? Why aren’t you taking sedatives? I know the Father. He cares for me. He provides for me. Why don’t you have all the financial worries of so many other people? My Father cares for me. He feeds the sparrows and He feeds me. Now that’s not always easy, but it’s the goal, it’s the solution.

Secondly, as I’ve said before, you have a home in heaven. I’m just looking forward to getting home. I’ve been a long while on the way, more than 55 years, and I’ve got many precious brothers and sisters, who are there ahead of me. I've got my first wife. I’m looking forward to meeting them again. Death doesn’t frighten me. I have to be careful that I don't become almost ambitious. I say that carefully because I don’t believe my job is finished. My aim is to finish His work. Jesus said, My food is to do the Father’s will, and to finish His work. God made that very real to me.

John 4:34, and I went around telling people, I’ve got a new diet. They say, What is it? My food is to do the Father’s will, to finish His work. So you have a home in heaven. I mean, heaven has become real to me. There are some very sentimental songs that nobody sings today, but I rather like them. Sometimes I grow homesick for heaven. Where all the redeemed of all ages Sing glory around the white throne… It’s corny, but I like it.

I used to be very complicated, very intellectual, very profound. Now I’m very simple. I have a home in heaven. I have a Father who loves me. I have a Savior who’s waiting for me. And I have wonderful brothers and sisters that are there ahead of me! I think I mentioned one night about Ali, the Sudanese Muslim whom I led to the Lord. I trust by the grace of God he’ll be there. And he’ll say, Thank you. I’m here because of you. Will there be anybody in heaven who will say that to you? I thank you. I’m here because of you. It’s a very meaningful consideration. The third result I spoke about is total security. I think we’ve dealt with that pretty thoroughly. You’re in the Father’s arms. You’re held in the Father’s hand. And no one can snatch you out of the Father’s hand! There’s no power in the universe that can do that!

Jesus said, My Father is greater than all. We have the greatest Father! The most wonderful Father! A God who’s a God above all gods. Whose hands are on the corners of the universe. Who created the angels and the stars, and is worshiped by millions and millions of glorious beings in heaven. And He’s waiting for little things like you and me to turn up. Isn’t that marvelous? And then as I’ve said, and this has made a great difference in my life, it has provided me with motivation for service. I’m not out to build the biggest or be the greatest. I’m out to please my Father. There are lots of situations where there’s not much you can do. You may be sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and you’re late and he’s keeping you waiting and the magazines are pretty boring. What are you going to do? Please my Father. By my attitude, by my meditation. There’s never a situation in which that motivation does not apply, if we can cultivate it.

So now... Julien, will you come back again? Where are you? With your wonderful team. I'm going to ask them to play, to sing, What is the song? 'Father me'? Now, I’ve told you clearly and plainly, I cannot reveal the Father to you. The only one who can do that is Jesus. But if you seek Him sincerely and humbly on the basis of His Word, I believe, in His own way and time, He will reveal the Father to you. And I want to give you an opportunity tonight. As we are led in the singing of this beautiful song by Graham Kendrick... How many of you thank God for Graham Kendrick? I do. I think he has produced some of the great hymns of the English language. 'Meekness and majesty' in my opinion, is one of the great hymns of the English language. So not all the great people are in the past. Some are still alive today. And others are still to come on the stage.

Now while we're singing this, at this point I'm dependant on others... I think I'm going to ask Yenke. If he'll come up and stand with me, and my wife, would you come up sweetheart? Give me a little strength and encouragement. And if you are responding to what I've been saying, as they sing, And they may sing it, I don't know, ten times. Who says it's a law only to sing a song twice? I'm not saying how many times we'll sing, I'm not saying what will happen because I don’t know, but if you have that longing that’s been stirred in your heart to know God as your Father, when we're singing, why don’t you rise out of your seat, come forward, and I would suggest if you can find a place to kneel, you kneel, and then you just tell the Father: Father, I want to know You. I thank You for Jesus. He’s my Savior. He’s changed my life. I know I belong to You, but Father, I want to know You. I’m on the way but I want to come to the destination. And I guarantee you nothing. I don’t know what will happen, but I have a sense that God is here tonight, and that there is a hunger in many hearts.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. If you are hungry and thirsty here tonight, you will be filled. So when they begin to sing... I think Ruth and I are going to sit down, Yenke, you can stay here with me. Musicians. And we play it by ear after that. But I invite you, if you are hungry and thirsty for the knowledge of the Father, that as they begin to sing, you’ll stand to your feet. And if you feel so led, move out, and begin to cry out to God and worship Him.
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