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Creflo Dollar — Overwhelmed!

What do you do when everything falls apart at once? Your boss yells at you. A bill collector just left you a message. One of your kids just got sick on the kitchen floor. Your mother-in-law just called. Your daughter's water breaks, and she just went into premature labor. And that's just Tuesday. Like a row of dominoes, one crisis crashing into the next one until panic sets in and your life begins to explode in front of your eyes and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Sounds familiar? Our guest today is in the middle of her own overwhelming crisis, hit with challenge after challenge. She's suddenly facing taking care of her newborn and her three other children after just losing her job. She was just taken to the emergency room, where they discovered that she has life-threatening blood clots. And after her only car was repossessed, she finally reached her breaking point, so much so that just a few short months ago she emptied a bottle of pills into her mouth ready to end it all.

You know, if you're overwhelmed by the pressures of life and at times have felt like giving up, I encourage you to fill your heart with the Word of God and don't allow your emotions to govern your life. Speak to your problems, not about them. The more you talk about your problems, the bigger they may seem, but when you meditate on the Word and believe in your heart that the Word is true you can speak positive faith-filled words that can change your situation and help you embrace the life that God has destined for you.
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