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Creflo Dollar — Standing in Faith in a Dry Season

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If you have your Bibles, go with me to the book of Romans chapter 12 and verse 3. I actually was gonna take one more day before I got started, and I got up this morning, you know, just praising the Lord, and I heard this in my heart. He said, "I want you to teach tonight and begin teaching on, you know, how to, how to cause you, how to stand in faith in the midst of a dry season," and I said, "Was that this weekend"? He said, "No. Tonight". Well, how do you tell the Lord, "Well, I wasn't planning on preaching tonight, Lord"?

And so, as I begin to look at this, I can recall in some times past, I began to talk to you about the problem has not been big faith, little faith; weak faith, strong faith. It's always been understanding how to use your faith and to keep it in a place where it's out on the field, and you continue to use it. You see, what happens is the enemy wants to present an opportunity for us to faint, to give up, to cave in, and to quit, and I asked the Lord, I said, "Well, what is it, actually, that's ceasing to operate"? He said, "It's a person's faith," that, when your faith, when, you know, in the time of adversity, he wants adversity to be used to cause you to take your faith off the field and, you know, and not realize what he's already done and what he's already made available, and, as he was speaking to me, you know how I am. I just grabbed the first thing I can get my hands on and start writing, and he brought these things up to me.

He says, "We become spiritually dry when we stop trusting in God". That's when you become dry. That's when a drought seems like it's coming over your life. We become spiritually dry when we stop trusting in God, and, immediately, I could see that. You know, when people get to the point where things don't seem to be happening, and, oh, they're wondering where God is, and, you know, a whole lot of adversity may be coming on. You know, baby need a pair of shoes. You got a light bill due. You got a gas bill too. Telephone disconnect, and you feel like you're in a dry place, and he said to me, "Be careful. Faith is not synonymous with feelings". Just 'cause you feel that this isn't working or you feel like you're in a dry place, we've not been taught to live by our feelings.

Now, they are real, but we don't allow them to govern our life. It is our faith that governs our life, and so, when everything is going well, that's when you want to really focus on doing what I'm about to teach you tonight. Don't wait until you feel like you're going through a drought. Don't wait until you feel like you're in the midst of adversity. If you can look at your life, and there's nothing going on, that's the time to seek him. That's the time to praise him. It's kind of like a cactus. You want to be like a cactus. You know that little straight part reserves some water? You want to be like a cactus just in case, when the dry time come, you got a reserve already in place. Turn to your neighbor and say, "Be like a cactus," amen?

Now, for everybody, you know, you know, it'll feel like, like a dry time. You got seed, time, harvest, and one of the roughest time is that, in the middle, that stalk time. You know, planting the seed and the harvest time is good, but between, "I believe I receive," and, "There it is," there's that stalk time, and, if you can, if you'll know what to do in that time, when it don't look like something, when you're being discouraged, when you feel like you want to quit, now, think about it. People always talking about quitting, but what is it that actually quits? I mean, "Well, I feel like quitting".

Well, are you gonna jump off something? And you know what? There are people that are doing that. There are people who are giving up on life and committing suicide, and you would think, "Well, what do they have to, you know, feel sorry about? They're billionaires. They got everything they ever want," and see, people think that money is the answer to life. I told you before, life is the sum total of who you spend it with. You can have money and fame and still not have a good life because you ain't got nobody in that life that you love and that care about you, you know?

You want to understand what real life's about, so I want to talk to you, and I want to bring you up to speed, and I probably won't finish all this tonight, but this is where we're going. It's a matter of not giving up, not caving in, not quitting, not fainting in the days of adversity, in the time of a drought, when you feel like it's dry. It's just doing the same old thing. Don't wait until everything breaks through, and everything's going well, and you're happy. Your bills are paid, and, you know, you've got a great relationship, and then, all of a sudden, you kind of slack off on the things that you do.

That's why I say the objective for every Christian is relationship with Jesus Christ. That's the objective, not the things, not what you can get. The objective is relationship with Jesus. You can accomplish that objective, everything begins to fall in place like it needs to fall in place.
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