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Creflo Dollar — Jesus Healed Them All

The Bible says, "The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us". He was full of grace and truth. Now, Jesus is grace personified; therefore, grace never can be as simple subject or curriculum, grace is Jesus. When we talk about living under grace, we're talkin' about a life focused on him. We focus on our relationship with him, we focus on his nature and his plans and purposes for us today. I want you to get ahold of this teaching today and understand that you do not have to be enslaved by the enemy and his tactics any longer. You can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and he can lead you into his victory in every situation you face.

If you have your Bibles, go with me to the Book of Genesis, chapter 2 in verse 16. Genesis chapter 2 in verse 16. The question this morning is why do some believers experience the curse in their lives? What's the issue? Somebody said, "Curse"? Yeah, sickness and disease is under the curse; and why is it that believers who love God, who come to church, why do they experience the curse in their lives? Well, in order to answer that question because the curse is not just with physical body, but the curse of the trauma of a broken soul or emotions. If you'll listen to me carefully this morning, you can resolve this issue forever; and you might not be sick in your body this morning, but they'll be challenges and it'll knock on your door and you need to know these things.

I'll start off by answering this question, the only way we can start is I've got to show it to ya in a thorough manner this morning. We've got to deal with the covenants in the Bible. Now, the Bible is just a book of covenants. A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties to carry out the terms agreed upon. It's stronger than a contract, it's an agreement between two or more parties, an agreement between God and you. And a blood covenant is one of the strongest agreement known to man because in order to get out of a covenant agreement of blood, you have to die. That's the only way you can get out of it. That's where in marriage, where you hear the part "till death do us part," that's how strong that covenant is because marriage is an institution that came from God.

But they're three main covenants in the Bible that all other covenants come under, this agreement or covenant that I'm talkin' about this morning. There are three main covenants, and I wanna identify those three main covenants; and if you'll listen to carefully this morning, they'll be so much you'll understand not only in the area of healing, but in the area of how to live your lives. And so, let's look at this first covenant because the thing you have to understand is that God deals with us through an agreement. God does not deal with man unless he deals with man through a covenant agreement. Now, the Bible says that he never changes and he doesn't ever change; however, God doesn't change, but he does change how he deals with man based on the covenant. God is the same, but he does change dealing with man based on the covenant that he operates under.

And so, what you gotta understand, God who is the same, if he deals with man based on one agreement and then that agreement changes and he deals with man based on another agreement and then that agreement changes and deals with man based on another agreement, you gotta understand what agreement you live under in order to understand how God is gonna deal with you. And what happens in church is, is that we're still teachin' the church based on the wrong agreement. And you're expected for God to deal with you based on that agreement or contract or agreement or covenant, when in fact, you have to understand the agreement that you're under today in order to understand what to expect from God and how God is going to deal with you. So, understand God is still the same except based on the agreement between man and God at that time is gonna determine how he agrees, how he deals with man. If you understand what I just said say "Amen".
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