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Creflo Dollar — Communing with the Holy Spirit

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Praying in the spirit, I'm telling you, in the season we're in right now, the thing that's going to separate us, the thing that's holy — remember, holy means to stand apart from the world. That's what it means to be holy, you are set apart from the world. When they're sick, you're healed. When they're sad, you're full of joy. You're holy because you're set apart from the world. And what's going to set us apart from the world is people that are always praying in the spirit, and when they look at us, they don't understand why the goodness of God is just over our lives. Oh, watch this, the favor of God is over our life because we're praying always in the spirit.

Tonight, I'm going to call this series "How To Commune with the Holy Spirit". And when you talk about communing with the Holy Spirit, you're talking about getting to know him in an intimate way, in a deep, purposeful, intimate manner. The reason why it's so important for us to come to the point where we come to know the Holy Spirit because, you know, when you talk about operating in a new covenant and you're talking about operating in a new covenant number one, and then number two, you're talking about the Holy Spirit being, I believe, the administrator of that new covenant.

Think about what the new covenant is about. It is an unconditional covenant that has nothing to do with your performance. It's an unconditional covenant where it's simply asking that you believe in Jesus and in his finished works. And we need the Holy Spirit to help us to do that. We need the Holy Spirit to guide us. We need to commune with the Holy Spirit. And so, tonight, I'm going to show you why it's so important to speak in tongues because without speaking in tongues, you know, how can I commune with Him? How can I get to know Him? How can I have fellowship with Him?

You know, when you want to get to know somebody, you got to have communication with him, you got to spend time, you got talk to him, you got to have communication. And yet, we know how important it is to come to know the Holy Spirit, but we leave out the part where we're, you know, talking to him and allowing him to talk to us. It is not just a monologue, where you're doing all the talking, but it is a dialogue. And through that dialogue with the Holy Spirit, you develop intimacy with him. And what happens is, as you begin to pray in the spirit and spend a considerable amount of time praying in tongues, a whole lot more than what you're probably doing now, as you begin to do that, then you begin to develop and sharpen your hearing so you can be aware of when he's talking to you. You can be aware when he's speaking to you.
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