Creflo Dollar — That Fateful Call

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The number of children and teens killed by guns in the United States has increased by 30% to now 1.637 fatalities, averaging more than 4 deaths per day. Now, it sounds like we're living in a war zone.

So, if you're a parent with children or teenagers out late at night, you may find yourself tensing up every time the phone rings. And one phone call can throw your world into chaos and panic just like that. Imagine getting that call, a call where a voice tells you your son or your daughter has been shot and killed.

Today, you will meet two moms who did receive those horrific phone calls. Sharron, who has been featured on "Your World" before, got the call that her son was gunned down in a college campus. Demetria, who was in our studio audience, then supporting her friend, received her call just a few weeks ago. Her son, Kyle, was killed in his front yard in front of his kids in a senseless drive-by shooting.

Parents should not have to answer such phone calls or experience such pain. Today, we will welcome back these two ladies and help them in their struggle to stay strong in the face of these tragedies. I'm Creflo Dollar, and this is "Your World".
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