Creflo Dollar — It's Never Too Late

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I created "Your World" as a vehicle to shine a light on what's going on every day in our homes and neighborhoods, to give you a look at the struggles and triumphs in our society and to speak the message of grace into these situations. Today's program is exactly what I designed "Your World" to be.

Every morning, so many married couples wake up and put on a show. They may appear happy and successful, but behind closed doors they are hanging on for dear life. These relationships are being crushed under the weight of tragedy, financial loss, mistrust, and a whole host of other issues, but they continue to put on the act until the breaking point comes and they realize something has to change, or their family, their kids, and their future together will be lost.

I'm going to introduce you to a couple that has arrived at the breaking point. They're here together to find hope or ultimately decide if they've reached the point of no return.
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