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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Attacked By A Demon

Creflo Dollar — Attacked By A Demon

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The enemy is everywhere. The devil looks for every opportunity to cause trouble in your life, to disrupt your job, or cause pain in your body, or disrupt your family, anything to steer you away from the blessings God has for you. But how do you know if you've really been targeted by demonic influence, or if you're just having a bad day? You're about to meet a young woman who is convinced she is not just having a bad day. She's absolutely certain there is a supernatural demonic presence determined to destroy her.

Emily Yates: I remember this day I went over to my friend's house, and all of a sudden, the same noise, you know, that I had grew up hearing, I heard that same noise again, so I recognized what it was. And I looked over at my friend, and she looked at me, and then she passed out. It seemed like the demon started followin' me again.

Creflo: Are her struggles from her past and her hopelessness for her future truly motivated by a demon? We'll find out next on Creflo Dollar, and this is "Your World".
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