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Creflo Dollar — Till Death Do Us Part

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Every 13 seconds, there is a divorce in America. The national survey of family growth has shown the probability of a first marriage lasting a decade is less than 68%. Now, this is a sobering stat because it makes you wonder if it's even possible to sustain a committed, fulfilled, intimate marriage that doesn't end in divorce.

Now, on today's program, I'm going to share some of the risk factors that threaten a healthy marriage. I'm also going to give you some tools to divorce-proof your relationship.

Today, you're gonna meet a couple who have been together for nearly a decade and only recently got engaged. They're ready to finally make the jump, but they're worried about their relationship being able to handle this issue, this institution called "marriage." They wanna find out how to stay together forever and not become another statistic. Get ready, "Till Death Do Us Part," right here on "Your World."

My guests today met on Twitter and started dating shortly after. They have been together almost 10 years. Now, a few months ago, he proposed and she said, "Yes." Now they are unsure how marriage will change them and their relationship. They join us to gain insight on the keys to a happy, lasting marriage. Please welcome Autumn-Joi and Ed to the "Your World" show.
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