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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — The Law of Provision

Creflo Dollar — The Law of Provision

TOPICS: Provision

This morning, I'm believing God that you will be set free from fear. And you may be asking, "Well, I don't have any fear." Well, it'll be revealed to you today, but it appears to me that the people who are interested in prospering are afraid of it. You're afraid to prosper, afraid to be rich, and afraid to have abundance. Make me be wrong.

I am going to step out in an area where, 20 years ago, I was crucified for it, made fun of it, and it has become a part, in some people's mind, just who I am, but I cannot allow the power of God's grace that has made provisions available for you, for me to shut up about telling you about it 'cause I'm afraid of what somebody gonna say about me.

So, God took me and trained me for the last 20 years. He trained me to be used to being talked about, so that ain't gonna work no more, amen? My skin is thicker. You know, as you get older, Brother Rob, there are certain things, they don't bother you no more. You don't even care. Say what you wanna say, but when it comes to you and my love and the value that I have for your life, that it is time for us to dominate the financial realm.

"Well, you know, all that preacher want is your money." You're free to think that. "Well, you know, a man with the last name of "Dollar," you never can tell." You're free to think that, but after 31 years in this church, if you don't know me by now, you need to go. You need to get on outta here.

So, what I'm about to do and what I'm about to begin will cause hell to shake because it will be a combination of grace and prosperity. You know that devil having a fit right now. They're packing their bags right now, you just can't see it.

They're packing up, getting ready to go, because I am not about to show you what you got to do to get God to prosper you. I'm about to show you that God, 2,000 years, made a deposit into your account, and we are about to reveal to you the withdrawal number so you can begin to walk in withdrawals because there are people dying and going to hell, and we are not gonna be so broke that we can't impact their lives, help them, and send the gospel around the world until lives have been impacted by the gospel of grace.

Now, all of that was just introduction, so if you wanna run out, get on out, go on. Ha-ha-ha, glory be to God, so I'm gonna pick up where I left off, and we're gonna go through the same Scriptures and show you right behind all those Scriptures you find your provision.

A child of God should never have to tolerate insufficiency in any area. If you're sick, God's provided healing. If you are depressed, God's provided joy. If you're confused, God has provided wisdom, hallelujah?

Now, some of you visiting, I mean, y'all looking at me kinda strange, like, "Why you ain't got no tie on?" I don't need a tie to be anointed. You know what I'm saying? See, the traditions of men cause the Word of God not to have any effect. I wear what I wanna wear. I started to wear my house colored flip-slops this morning, whatever I need to do to break you from those traditions that hold you in bondage.

Now, we're gonna call this series "The Law of Provision," the law of provision. Provision is just supplying something. When you talk about provision, it's supplying something, and there are laws that govern supply, and if you understand the laws that govern supply, then whatever supply is needed in your life to understand those principles now will put you in a place where they will bring to pass the supply in your life.
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