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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — The Dispensation of Grace

Creflo Dollar — The Dispensation of Grace

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I got something that just kinda exploded in my heart when I walked out here. If you're expecting to see more supernatural things in your life, you're gonna have to spend some more time praying in the supernatural language. We do not want praying in tongues to become a lost art. It is a grace gift.

And when it is released and you begin to pray in tongue, you're releasing a supernatural prayer, and that supernatural prayer will be responsible for a whole lotta supernatural things happening in your life. So don't forget about it. Don't neglect it. Spend some time in it, amen?

Hebrews chapter 7, and tonight what I wanna do is I wanna approach the new covenant from the priesthood, and I wanna compare the priesthood that was before the new covenant and the dispensation of Moses, and then talk about the priesthood in the dispensation of grace.

Now one of the most important things, I believe, for Christians to understand is that we've got to understand how this Bible is divided up. It's a book of covenants, but there were certain things that were relevant under one dispensation, that that same thing was no longer relevant in another dispensation.

Now, again, a dispensation is like the order. It's the divine order for that particular age. You have the dispensation of Adam, that age where there was an agreement between God and Adam, that was relevant for that dispensation.

And then, at the end of the dispensation of Adam and Eve in the garden, you move to the second dispensation, which is the dispensation of Moses and the law. And in that dispensation, there was an agreement between man and God for the blessing that is only relevant in that dispensation, or in that age.

And then we move to the third dispensation, which is the one that we live in right now today, and that is the dispensation of grace and agreement with God, between man and God, and this dispensation of grace is relevant in our age, right now today.

It is not and would not be relevant in the dispensation of Moses and the law. It is not and would not be relevant in the dispensation of Adam. And so, what we've got to understand is, for most Christians, they are not even aware of what I just spoke to you.

For most Christians, they are still stuck in the dispensation of the Mosaic Law, and most of their belief derives from the Mosaic Law, and they're trying to live in an age that has passed and doesn't exist anymore, and the Bible says it is obsolete, out of use, and good to be dispensed because this is not the age of the Mosaic Law. This is the age of grace.

And so, Romans chapter 6:14 says we are not under the law. We're under grace. And before that it says sin shall not have dominion over you because you're not under the law. Under the law, sin was able to dominate you. Under the law, sin consciousness dominated you. The reason why we have to deal with so much sin consciousness today is 'cause we're still trying to make relevant the requirements of that dispensation, trying to make it relevant today under a dispensation of grace.

Now, yes, you have the whole Bible, but if you don't understand those different ages and you don't understand the dispensations of the Bible, and when you're talking about Moses and the law, that is that second dispensation in that age. The veil, it's still over the old covenant, to keep people blind to that age, that wants you to think that that age is still going on today.

We are in the age of grace. We are under the grace of God. That is why in Hebrews chapter 10 it says for you to willfully sin in trying to use the old covenant dispensation, bringing sacrifices to the altar to deal with your sin, for you to willfully sin and do that, after the knowledge of Jesus has com... and that knowledge in context was the knowledge that he is now the final sacrifice and through his blood and his sacrifice he's taken care of all of your sins.

For you to try to deal with your sins like they did in the second dispensation under the Law of Moses, he says there remaineth no sacrifices for your sins. Why? Because that's been canceled. It's been canceled. Now imagine what happens in the life of a Christian who continues to live according to the dispensations and the requirements of a dispensation and an agreement that has been canceled.

The Bible said it is canceled, it's obsolete, it is annulled, and it is ready to be dispensed altogether with. And there are church people that are still stuck in the wrong dispensation, under the wrong agreement, under the wrong covenant, under the wrong age, and have no idea that a new covenant exists, and a new covenant does exist.
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