Creflo Dollar — Spiritual Blindness

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I had this thought and I wanted to really, really pursue it. If I had to pick out the number one enemy in every Christian's life, and it would eventually become an enemy in everybody else's life, what would that enemy be? And here's what I heard, darkness. Not in the sense of physical darkness, but in the sense of spiritual blindness.

And tonight, I wanna talk to you about spiritual blindness, what is it, what happens when a person remains spiritually blind, and how can we overcome it? But regardless of all of the issues that are going on in life and in the world today, spiritual blindness is the foundational base issue that will support every problem that's going on in life, and especially in the church.

I believe it's the biggest problem we have, spiritual blindness. And not just spiritual blindness, I'm not talking about just being blind to the word, I'm talking about spiritual blindness to what Christ has done for us, and that's why I say the biggest issue with Christians.

You know, somebody who's not born again is already blind, he's blind to everything, but the biggest problem where Christians are concerned is spiritual blindness to what Christ has done for us. And so, I will submit to you that blindness is the greatest bondage there is for a Christian. Blindness is the greatest bondage there is for a born-again Christian.

Now, I want you to think, just for a moment, before I get into this, think about a blind man, a man that is physically blind. Can be right in the middle of light, or can have light shining right on his face, so he's in the light but he can't see it. Can be right there in the light, but he can't see it.

So, if we're blind to the gospel of grace, you know what'll happen? If we're blind to the gospel of grace, in other words, you got born again, you go to church, you know, you've been participating in church all your life, you've been right there in front of the light, but you can't see it. And so, you're blind to the gospel of grace, you're blind to what Jesus has done for us, and here's the result of remaining spiritually blind as a Christian and cannot see this grace. You will be subject now to your natural senses to lead and to guide your life.

I'm talking about a Christian, you'll be subject to your natural senses to lead and to guide your life. A born-again Christian who's standing right there in the light but cannot see the light, like a blind man can stand right in front of a light post but cannot see the light.

Spiritual blindness will cause us to be controlled by our emotions, and will cause the voice of the Holy Spirit to be muddled by all of the doubts and the fears that we have. And as a result of it, we won't walk in wisdom, we won't walk in peace, we'll make bad decisions based on how we feel.

Now, I say all that to say this very radical statement. You can be born-again Christian and be in prison. You can be a born-again Christian, talk in tongues and shout when the music plays, and still be in need of freedom from captivity.

Now, this is strong, man, but I'm preparing to get back into our teaching on grace, and I'm telling you, I'm looking at this and I'm looking at this, and there are Christians who feel like, "Well, it's alright that I don't understand the gospel of grace," and I am saying you are in prison.

You live your life, you go to church, you perform trying to do things that will please God, you're under the performance bondage of religion, and don't even know how miserable you are until you can be delivered from the captivity and that your eyes can be opened to the light.
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