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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Provision in the Seed

Creflo Dollar — Provision in the Seed

TOPICS: Provision

Mark chapter 4, and verse 14 says, "The sower soweth the Word." So one of the things we established last week is that God was using the picture of a farmer, how a farmer takes seed, put seed in the ground, it comes up, he knoweth not how. He cares for the ground and then he gets the harvest that comes up.

But a farmer who has seed in the bag and the bag in the barn, cannot expect any harvest. But we also learn that it is important that it's not just, you know, the seed that's responsible for harvest, but it's the soil. You got to sow it in the right kind of soil.

And so Jesus now begins to apply it to our lives that the seed that was sown is the Word of God. And the ground is the heart of man. And the heart or the spirit of man, the heart of a man is his spirit. And so he says here, "that sower soweth the Word," and that's all Jesus did. He go around and began to plant the seed of God's Word. But I want you to see the seed as God's Word. Say out loud, "The seed is God's Word."

So last week we talked about the four grounds, the four grounds which represent the four conditions of a man's heart. And what we're going to see is that three out of the four grounds will not produce a harvest. So if you have the heart condition that won't produce a harvest, then you can change that so you can have the heart condition that will produce a harvest.

You see your heart, like the ground is responsible for the harvest showing up. It's not going to be the seed because God's Word is perfect. It's incorruptible, it will always produce. So when there's not a harvest coming in your life, healing, provision, in other words, everything that grace has made available to you, that he has put it and locked it in a seed not hiding it from you, but for you.

So your healing is in that seed. Your deliverance is in that seed. Everything grace has made available has been put in the seed of God's Word. So whenever something happens in your life, you need a harvest, go to the Bible, get the seed or the Word, plant it in your heart, it will grow and produce a harvest in your life. You don't have to live your life, hoping and praying that God might intervene. He's already intervened and put all of his intervention in the Word, which is the seed. Now, you getting it, is up to you.
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