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Creflo Dollar — Your Treasure and Your Heart

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I want to wish all of our veterans a Happy Veterans Day. We salute and honor you today, and we thank God for your gift to our nation. Because you answered the call of duty to serve in the armed forces, our nation is able to enjoy freedom.

You know, the Bible tells us to give honor where honor is due, and there's no greater group of men and women who deserve it more than our veterans. We thank God for your life, and I declare the blessings of God on each of you.

This nation is truly grateful for your service. May God's grace superabound in your life today and always. Trust is very important to God. He wants us to trust Him more than we trust in anything else. Giving financially is one of the ways we can prove to ourselves that we trust Him completely.

On today's broadcast, Creflo will challenge you to examine if you're trusting God or money as your source. This eye-opening teaching will change how you view money and reveal why God is the true source of all prosperity. Let's talk about that today.
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