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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Why You're Still Sinning?

Creflo Dollar — Why You're Still Sinning?

The day you made Jesus Lord of your life and you got born again, it impacted your spirit man. The old you, the old man, passed away; and God, through His grace, created the new creation on the inside of you.

How many of you know that each of us have an old man? And that old man was guilty of a whole lot of stuff. That old man, boy, he acted some kind of way. But the day you got born again, you left the old man, and now you are in possession of a new creation that was created in righteousness and true holiness.

You are in possession of the new creation. The real you is made an exact duplicate to God. It is perfect, it is righteous, it is holy. The real you is as holy as you're gonna ever get, as righteous as you're gonna ever get. But we have to hear that because you don't really Ladies and gentlemen, do you realize that wrong believing is the reason you experience fear?

You experience guilt because of it and feelings of shame because of it. And for many of you, it's the reason you struggle to overcome certain addictions. But if you're sick and tired of carrying around emotional baggage, today's broadcast, how to experience real transformation, the answer to why you're still sinning, is just for you.
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