Creflo Dollar — What Is Mammon?

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The spirit of mammon, you cannot serve God and the spirit of mammon at the same time because the spirit of mammon is in opposition to the spirit of God. Everything God says, mammon opposes it.

Everything God talks about, mammon opposes it. Everything God instructs you to do to money, with money, mammon opposes it, so, if God tells you to give, mammon is going to say, "Keep and hide." Mammon is in opposition to everything God stands for. Mammon has the job of trying to get you to oppose God and replace God.

Oh, some of y'all might be in your sycamore tree, but I'm telling you Jesus can find ya, amen? When your day comes, he can find ya, hallelujah? When David was in the back tending the sheep, when his day come, he will be found, hallelujah? You ain't got to worry about showing yourself off. When God has need of you and when the day of your call shows up, he knows where you can be found. Oh, boy, I felt something on that.
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