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Creflo Dollar — Uncovering the Spirit of Mammon

You can't be faithful with money, you won't be faithful with ministry. You can't be faithful with money, you're probably not going to be faithful in marriage. If you can't be faithful in money, it seems like it's attached to everything. And it all starts with, can you be trusted with money? Now, hang in here now.

Once Mammon has used you up, once Mammon don't want to have nothing else to do with you no more, Mammon will make you think you got a PhD in life. But there's one thing about Mammon you need to know, he's not a faithful spirit. He ain't like God.

Mammon is that spirit that tells you to do whatever you need to do to get the money. Mammon is that spirit that will cause you to compromise if it's the right price. Mammon will cause you to marry somebody you don't even love or you don't even care about love just as long as they have the right amount of money in the bank.

Mammon will cause you to do things that God can't get you to do. Mammon will allow you to put up with traffic on Monday, but forget about traffic on Sunday coming to church. Mammon is what's moving and driving your life.

When you make a decision not to allow God and what he tells you to do with money govern your life, by default you have allowed the spirit of mammon to govern your life and what you do with money. And now, here's the thing about it, it's gonna be very subtle. The Spirit of mammon is a subtle, sneaky, crafty demon that influences your operation with money.

The issue is can your trust handle money? Can you trust God where the money is concerned? Can God influence you where money is concerned? Because he says if he can't influence you in the least, your faith in God, where money is concerned, is faith in the littlest, least thing in the kingdom. Money is having faith in God where that is concerned. It's having faith in the smallest thing in the kingdom of God.

I'm telling you, every morning you get up, you ought to thank God for waking you up this morning, starting you on your way, hallelujah. You ought to thank God that you woke up with the use of your eyes, you woke up and you can walk.

You gotta learn how to be grateful for what God has done and not take it for granted. He is your source, hallelujah, in him you move, in him you breathe, in him you have your very being. You are not the source of your prosperity, God is.
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