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Creflo Dollar — Transformed by the Resurrected Jesus

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When you take Communion, I want you to remember, I want you to celebrate, I want you to receive by faith that His body was broken for you and for me so we can have the healing in our bodies and wholeness in our bodies.

And so when I take the bread, I am remembering His broken body that has delivered and made available to me healing and wholeness. A lot of people don't take Communion anymore because religion has scared them away from it, convincing them that if they, through their self-effort, don't get perfect and right and ready to take Communion, then they would be-- Damnation would come on them, they would be sick, they would be weak, and they would die early deaths.

How many of you know people that are working for their salvation, doing a lot of things for their salvation? No, he said to do what? Work out. Character can be born in your life 'cause who is on the inside of you.

You're gonna have to trust God to work it out. When you start trusting yourself and ignoring him and you don't trust him, you end up doing it in the flesh and it has no profit. I'm a world changer.
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