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Creflo Dollar — Pride: The Ultimate Blessing Blocker

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Somehow this pride just didn't show up any-- you know, out of the air somewhere. It came out of your heart. Un-contended words, un-contended things that went through your eyes and your ears and came out of your mouth helped to shape your heart, and it's coming out and it's creating thoughts.

Where did it come from? Pride, this thing that says, "I'm gonna submit to what I think is right, I'm gonna submit to my way of doing things, I'm gonna do it my way," where it come from? Where did it come from?

It might have came from that little simple song "I did it my way." And you never even thought about that. But on the inside of it, could it be a little seed that produced a little pride that says, "Doggone it, I'm gonna do it my way."

Pride is simply this: Trusting in one's own words, trusting in one's own plans, trusting in one's own abilities, trusting in one's own talents while refusing to trust and submit to God's Word.

Only by pride cometh contention. He says contention can only be because of pride. All of this division can only come by pride. Only by pride. He's saying the only way for contention to be here is through pride.

A lot of stuff is happening, and people are like, I don't know why this is happening." Pride is why it's happening. And that's why I pray, "O God, don't ever let me-- don't let me walk in pride and not know it. At least let me recognize that's pride, so I can turn from it. That's self-centeredness, so I can turn from it."
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