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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — The Source of Shame

Creflo Dollar — The Source of Shame


Jesus has already provided everything you will ever need to be free from shame. But if you continue to listen to it, if you continue to let it condemn you and speak to you and tell you how bad you are and--and tell you that you're not really the ideal person or the ideal Christian or the ideal father or the ideal this or that, you'll stay in shame.

Satan will use any opportunity to inject it there and see if he can get you to keep it there because, remember, it is designed to sabotage your future, it is designed to paralyze you, it is designed to cause you to quit and to give up and to stop right there at that point, and to never go forward to see what God has called you to. You have to congratulate yourself and not wait on somebody else to do it.

Are you being haunted by those things that are behind? Are you being tormented by those things that are behind? Have you allowed the stuff that's in your past to keep you from going to your future?

Have you allowed yourself to seemingly be somewhat paralyzed because your past continues to tell you that you're not worthy enough to go forward, and so you just stabilize yourself right there?

I believe what the Apostle Paul was saying here is if you want to go forward, you're gonna have to forget about the things of the past. Jesus is not getting on the cross every second to die for your sins. He died for your sin once and for all times. And He's made available redemption for you if you don't walk around condemning yourself because you're not flawless.

The only perfect man I know that walked on this planet was Jesus Christ. There's something he's afraid of. There's a revelation he's afraid of. It should have fired you up to walk in here and say, "Ooh, Jesus, we're doing something right."

Because the devil's not concerned when you're not making no impact. So I thank God that every person that has shame on their life, today they will walk out of here free from shame!
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