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Creflo Dollar — The Root of Negative Emotions

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Powerlessness causes negative emotions; but if you know your authority, you eliminate your powerlessness, which means you eliminate the negative emotions. Because every time something happens, what are you gonna think about?

"Wait a minute, I have authority over that." You're never gonna see your authority in operation until you start operating in your authority. "Well, I don't know where we're gonna get the money from."

Authority. You've got seed and authority. Sow something and declare it. You have authority, you have a right to command. Heaven's waiting on you! God's waiting on you!

Everybody's waiting on what-- to see what you've got to say about it! What will you say about it? Whatever a man forbids on earth, God said it's forbidden in heaven. Whatever a man permits on earth, God says it'll be permitted in heaven. Heaven's waiting on your permission or your forbiddance.

If you keep going in the direction you know God wants you to go, no matter how you feel, you're gonna overcome everything that's coming against you; and then talk to God when you're in the midst of those situations. You have to first of all realize the problem with being emotionally ruled. That is a part of the curse. Adam was not ruled by his emotions until his wife wanted to look at that appealing fruit, and showed it to him and gave to him, and he did eat.
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