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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — The Right Way to Read the Bible

Creflo Dollar — The Right Way to Read the Bible

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All good and perfect gifts come from the Father, which is from above. God is the one that opens the doors up. God is--promotion doesn't come from the east and the west, it cometh from the Lord. It's God that's opening doors.

It's God that's giving you favor. It's God that allows you to be able to work. It's God done all that. God knows how to minister seed to the sower, so it is what he has done first that enables me to be able to be a sower second, praise God.

I can't sow without seed, and I won't have seed until he ministers to me. And maybe you're not giving him the credit for all the way he's--all the ways he's ministering seed to you, but the seed is being ministered to you by God first so you will now be enabled to be a sower second.

You're holy not because of your behavior, you're holy because of who you're in. You're in Christ. He made you holy. I'm holy now. Now, here's the deal. Until you believe that and receive that with all your heart, your behavior will never line up with that. I am holy now. What happens? The fruit follows the root.
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