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Creflo Dollar — The Purpose of Giving

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The whole system of giving is so much greater than money. One of the reasons that giving is so awesome for a Christian is that giving keeps you out of the center of the circle.

It keeps you out of self-centeredness. And any person that doesn't have giving as a part of his life, I guarantee you is a self-centered, prideful person. To practice giving is to practice keeping yourself out of the center and putting somebody else in the center.

And you'll find that's why the Scripture, Jesus said, "It's more blessed to give than to receive." Because you have to have somebody else in the center in order to be a giver.

Giving is a love action. "For God so loved the world." Look at that, it's a reflex. He so loved the world, he gave. It's a reflex. There's no way you can say and talk about how much you love God and we never see the reflex of giving.

Giving, you know, is a reflex of love. It's in every relationship. In every relationship, either relationships you have people, or relationship you have with a wife or a husband, there's no such thing as, "I love you," and there is never a reflex of giving. There is never a demonstration or proof of that giving.
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