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Creflo Dollar — The Power of Praise and Thanksgiving

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Some of you have got the devil riding your back, and, you know, I come tell you, "Cast him off." You say, "Well, Dear Mr. Devil, could you please get off my back?" You're not supposed to talk to no devil like that. You're not angry enough.

You need to get angry at the crap you're going through. Something needs to rise up on the inside of you and say, "I am tired of being broke! And, bless God, in the name of Jesus, I release my authority, and I'll not be broke anymore! No lack in my life anymore!"

Somebody asked, "Well, what do I do between the 'I believe I receive' and 'there it is'?" That's when you increase your praise and increase your thanksgiving.

This is not a church thing that I'm asking you to do. There's a reason why we praise God, there's a reason why we increase thanksgiving, because it releases spiritual authority and brings about the manifestations in the area that we're releasing thanksgiving.
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