Creflo Dollar — The Origin of Satan

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See, it's time for you to know your enemy. It's time for you to know who you're fighting. God is not the one that's doing things to destroy you on purpose to see if you're gonna choose good or evil.

God is not killing your child so He can see if you're gonna still serve Him. God is not giving you cancer so He can see if you're gonna still stay with Him. God is not hurting His children, He's not beating his children up, He's not wounding and injuring His children. That goes against His nature.

You know, I saw all these people walking around dressed up like the devil. You have no idea. If Lucifer sat right by you, you wouldn't know him. He ain't got no horns, he ain't got no tail. He don't look evil. That boy's awesome. In fact, some of you cougars would try to hit on Lucifer if he sat by you.

You've got to understand something. When God Almighty makes a promise, when He said you have dominion and authority, you've got to understand what He did. He would rather let Satan be the god of the world until He can come and straighten the mess out than to change His mind and say, "My bad. I've got to start over again and take this dominion from you."

He said, "My word means something. I will not take this dominion from you, even though it means Satan has got to be the god of the world. But one day when I can get me an earth suit, I'll be in there and I'll straighten this mess up, and you will still have dominion and authority over all the earth."

Boy, that's powerful. That is radical. Command your healing into existence! Command your prosperity into existence! Command your deliverance into existence! This church has no lack, hallelujah! Glory be to God!
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