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Creflo Dollar — The Money-Trust Connection

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Can you be trusted with money determines if you can be trusted with anything else. Now the reason why Jesus told you the word "least" because--and put money in, he said, "Money is the least area where you use your faith in the whole kingdom of God."

Religious people try to make it the biggest thing. It's the littlest thing. It's the least. Not the biggest, it's the least. It's not bigger than you getting healed. It's not bigger than relationships. It's not bigger than any other thing.

He said, "The biggest thing--the smallest thing that you can--the smallest--the least area of your faith is used in the area of dealing with the least area in the kingdom, money."

The measure that Jesus was looking for is the same one he addressed in Luke 16, your trust. That's the only currency that matters in the kingdom. And he said that this widow woman out gave everybody there that day because what she gave put her in the position to trust God more with nothing that they could trust God with what they had leftover. It's an issue of trust.
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