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Creflo Dollar — The Giving-Trust Connection

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We are like a community of baseball players come together for a purpose, a community of policemen come together for a purpose. We are a community of believers and we come together for the purpose of learning more about the Christ that we follow.

We come together to pray for one another. We come together to be of assistance to one another. There's something about a community and a family that says, "When I see somebody in the community that's hurting, I'll take the initiative. As the one with the pitcher in his hands, what can I do to help ease that pain?"

You are not the source of your prosperity. And what you have, you didn't get it on your own. And if you think you got it on your own, please tell me how much are you able to accomplish if you can't inhale and exhale no more.

What would happen if he charged you for the air that you breathe, and you couldn't afford to pay for it that day? Make no mistake about it. He has given to us that we may give. I'm a giver. I'm a world changer.
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