Creflo Dollar — The Effects of Praise

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You've got to learn how to find something to thank God for while you're going through those situations that are in life. "Oh, God, oh, they took my car today, but I thank You that the bus comes right by my house, Lord Jesus." And the things that seem to be impossible begin to happen when there's an attitude of praise.

Your praise, when it is genuine, you get lost in it. You're no longer focusing on what's going on around you. And that's the power of thanksgiving and praise, that it causes you to focus on the promise more than you focus on the problem.

It becomes genuine, it becomes an expression of fellowship with Him, and you're so lost that you're not even thinking about baby need a pair of shoes and, look, you got a light bill due, even got a gas bill too. I'm not even thinking about that. I have found myself in His presence.

Don't be moved by what's in front of your face. When you got saved, you moved to another realm. And you've got to see what others can't see and you've got to look beyond the physical world and you've got to see what this Word is talking about and you've got to believe Jesus, that He's the God of the turnaround.
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