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Creflo Dollar — The Blessing of Giving

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So, if we're going to talk about giving, and we know that Paul preached the gospel, then I want to hear, and examine, and see what did Paul have to say about the subject of giving.

And if we can at least see what Paul had to say about the subject of giving, we will remain within the framework of grace-based giving and begin to examine what Paul had to say versus maybe even some of the things we've gotten in religion. If you understand all that, say amen.

I'm telling you, you know, people don't realize it, they don't even think about it, but the times that they have, when they have lack in their life, all you gotta do is ask yourself, "Am I a giver? Am I a giver?"

And the majority of the time it'll be no, I'm not, and straighten it out, but we just kinda wanna ignore it and we'll be quick to pray long prayers. That ain't how it happen. He told you how to have authority in the financial realm.

This is authority now, we've been given authority. You have authority to lay hands on the sick, we have authority to raise the dead, we have authority to cast out devils, but we also have the authority to sow a seed and to reap a harvest.
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