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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Pride: The Enemy to Grace

Creflo Dollar — Pride: The Enemy to Grace

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Now, in my study of a lot of things I looked at in the old covenant, especially today, things that we've study on humility in the past, I can see very clearly now that pride at its root is self-centeredness. That's what it is.

Pride, at the very core of its definition, is self-centeredness, whereas humility at its root is defined as God-centeredness. If you're going to walk with God, you have to be humble.

If you're gonna do that, you're gonna have to be-- This is an issue that we just can't throw down the drain and not pay any attention to. This is vital to our understanding and vital to manifestation in our life, vital to finding the grace of God in our life.

See, God don't need you to help Him out. When He reveals something to you, keep your add-on to yourself. I said keep your add-on to yourself. So pride goeth before a fall.

So there'll be pride first, self-centeredness; and then after pride and self-centeredness, you doing what you want to do because you're at the center of it, okay, after that, there'll be the fall.

The fall always comes after pride. Pride first, then the fall. Pride is the only reason for contention. Whenever there's strife between two people, pride is responsible for that. Whenever there's unforgiveness and you're still holding something against somebody, pride is the only reason for that thing to exist.
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