Creflo Dollar — No More Guilt

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When you are more sin-conscious than you are righteousness-conscious, then you being sin-conscious, the Bible defines that as an evil conscience. It is a sin conscience that will eventually bring about guilt. And yet the blood of Jesus has already, you know, taken care of that.

You can't live a guilt-free life if you're trying to live by the law. You can't live a guilt-free life if the law brings you into a sin consciousness. You can't live a guilt-free life if you allow guilt to stay there as a task-maker, making you angry, making you resentful, making you obsessed with the past, making you get involved in the blame game.

You can't do that. So it's gonna have to start at first base. "I forgive myself even though I don't deserve it! I ain't flawless and I ain't fixed everything!
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