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Creflo Dollar — More Grace To The Humble

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Humility is something we have to do voluntarily. Humility is not something that God's gonna override and make you do. Humility is something that we do voluntarily.

When destruction takes place, back up, locate the pride, locate the program, locate what you were submitted to, locate what you thought would work. You know there's a way that seems right unto a man, but you can't tell if it's right or wrong until the end.

I sense that, I sense that in this place. I sense that some of you have gotten to a high place and you thought that was as far as you could get; and I'm telling you, you haven't scratched the surface. There is something about you giving God the glory and you giving God the thanksgiving and you giving God the credit.

There are consequence to your actions. I'm not even talking about necessarily sin, but, you know, there are consequences to your actions. There are things you do that have consequences. There are consequences when we choose to sin.

What's being blocked, what's being stopped? I know that sin will never be greater than God's grace, but I don't ever want to find myself in a position where I can't find His grace. To know Him? We can know God more and we can know God better.
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