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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Letting Go of Shame

Creflo Dollar — Letting Go of Shame


Everything that Jesus went through He went through so we wouldn't have to go through it. If there is shame in your life and you've not been able to shake it and get rid of it, Jesus has already become that shame substitute so you can.

You are one decision away from being free of shame. "There's something on the other side I've got to go see. There's something that the enemy's trying to stop.

What is it you don't want me to get to? What is it--why don't you want me to arrive at this point? Why are you trying to get me to quit? Why are you trying to get me to kill myself? Why are you trying to get me to just stop?!

There must be something awesome on the other side!" And I say that to you right now! There is something awesome on the other side!

What if you don't deal with shame? Well, there are consequences when you don't deal with it. Consequence number one, shame can lead to paranoia, excessive perfectionism, or it can leave you as a person as nothing more than a doormat.

Shame, if it's not dealt with, can cause you to become paranoid; and how you see yourself, you'll become so paranoid to think that everybody sees you that way.

"Whosoever believeth on him," and believes all that He has put on Himself so that you don't have to put it on you, "shall not be ashamed." Shame is now gonna be an issue of whether or not you believe or whether or not you don't believe.

It's now an issue of belief and unbelief. It's not the issue of, "Oh, it's too hard," or, "Oh, you don't know what happened," or, "Oh, you don't know how it makes me feel." It is now an issue of do you believe what Jesus said?
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