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Creflo Dollar — How to Take Charge Over Your Emotions

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Negative words will produce negative thinking, negative thinking will produce negative feelings and emotions, negative feelings will produce negative decisions, negative decisions will produce negative actions, negative actions will produce negative habits, negative habits will produce negative character, and negative character will produce the wrong destiny for your life.

Please understand something. Satan only needs three steps to ruin your life. He'll speak his words, get you to think in line with his words; and then once he gets you in the emotion area, then he can move you away from the will of God for your life. You see, Jesus had emotions, but emotions never had Jesus. And you know something?

You've got to be careful because what the devil wants to do is he wants to weigh you down with the affairs of the world, he wants to weigh you down with things that are going on. He wants to get your heart heavy, and he wants to get you depressed because if he can get you depressed, then he can cause you to be, you know, paralyzed.

You see, for the Christian, to suffer means to resist. That's our part of suffering. When we resist the seduction, when we resist the pressure that's applied to our thinking. And Jesus resisted until He began to sweat blood.

So that tells me, until you sweat blood you have not resisted long enough, praise God. Speak to your problems instead of about your problems. You know, sometimes we waste a lot of time speaking about our problems.

We call up Shaquita and Mama and 'em, telling them about our problems. We call up the best friend and tell 'em about our problems. Why, if we even meet a stranger, we'll somehow figure out how to tell 'em about our problems.

But you know what? If you spend more time talking about your problems and no time talking to your problems, then it's gonna get in your heart.
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