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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — God Works While You Rest

Creflo Dollar — God Works While You Rest

TOPICS: Rest in God

I'm telling you, you need Jesus every day, every morning, every second, every minute, every hour! You need Him all the time. My message is simple today: You need Jesus! It's time for to you rest in Him more than you rest in your own ability and your own performance. Jesus has already finished the work, but it's time for you to take possession of it.

Your attitude ought to be, "Don't let me find a Scripture in here. Don't let me find a Scripture that says I'm already healed. You better--ah! I already found it. I got the hem right now." Is there anything missing and broken in your life?

You've got to learn how to let certain things go, certain people go, certain projects go. You might need to let your car go; you might need to let your house go.

There's some stuff you might need to let go. If it is putting pressure in your life and stressing you out, it's time to let it go. It's time to be free from stress, free from the cares of this world, and learn how to rest in the finished works of Jesus Christ.

You're a dangerous person when people can't move you. You become very dangerous to the kingdom of darkness when you are in a state of rest and confidence and peace in what Jesus has already finished and what Jesus has already promised.

He is your healer, He is your deliverer, He is your financier, He is--He's the one that makes you whole. He's the one that's your vindicator. He's the one that works out a way where it doesn't appear to be a way. He's the one that'll move mountains for you. He's the one that you trust! He is your God in whom you'll trust! He's the one that picked you up out of a pit and placed your foot on a solid rock!
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