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Creflo Dollar — Enhancing The Flow Of God's Grace

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The first thing you know about the word "humility" is that it means submission or coming under the mission of another, or it means to make yourself subject to another.

If humility is submitting yourself under the Word of God and being subject to the Word of God, then pride is the exact opposite. Pride is when you're not submitting yourself to God's Word and when you're not making yourself subject to God's Word. When you make the decision to submit to the devil, God will resist that.

If you're not humble, you're prideful. If you're not doing it God's way, you're doing it your way, and it leads to destruction, it brings you to destruction. Humble people don't stay the same. Hallelujah.

Because the due time always comes. You don't know when, but you know-- it's not if it comes, but when it comes. And I believe if I'm not exalted today, then this ain't the time, and I stay humble.

And if I'm not exalted tomorrow, this must not be the time, and I'm gonna stay humble. And it may not be next month. It must not be the time, but I'm gonna stay humble.
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