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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Empowered By Rest

Creflo Dollar — Empowered By Rest

TOPICS: Rest in God

The evidence of belief is rest. And when you're not at rest, that becomes the evidence of unbelief. When you find yourself in stress and worry and care, let it indicate to you that you're not in rest.

Anything that distracts your rest is also blocking your best, blocking your manifestations, blocking the finished works of Jesus Christ in your life. It's blocking it.

You can't live your life by emotions because they're not stable enough. They change. And the only thing that doesn't change is God's Word. It's called the incorruptible seed. It is seed that will always work. It is seed that will always produce.

I'm convinced that if you can get yourself in a position where you'll keep trying--would you stop trying to be deep, stop trying to impress folks, and just make your mind up, "God, I need You. I'm gonna let You know I need You. I can't do nothing without You. O God, help me."

That is a powerful thing to pray because then He knows that you need Him, and He loves, loves to be needed. You see, if you can find a promise in the Bible, God intends for you to be able to walk in that promise.

Ooh, Jesus I've got to back up there just for a minute. Ah, there's a season, there's a shift that's been taking place... if you can hear the Word of the Lord today. See, I see some of y'all for years have been trying to do something. Thought your labor was required.
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