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Creflo Dollar — Developing Confidence in Jesus

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Most of the things that have been stopped from manifesting in our lives have been because somehow we entered into stress rather than rest, we entered into worry rather than rest, we entered into carrying the care rather than being still in the rest.

Let me tell you something, don't allow what you hear and see to get in your head. Be confident in the finished works of Jesus Christ. Rest with quietness and confidence. That's the strength. I think it's showing me something about the law and grace.

I think it's showing me something about self-effort and you needing Jesus. Because when you're operating under the law, you're bound to sink; but when you operate under grace, when you've got Jesus walking wicha, Jesus will walk you back to the boat.

If Jesus says you're gonna be prosperous and successful, you wake up every day expecting it, and you never go to bed disappointed because it didn't show up that day, because one day, hallelujah--it's working its way from the realm of the spirit, and it's working its way on into your life, praise God.

Hallelujah, glory be to God. And you get up expecting every day. Every promise you find, you expect it. And you never not get up expecting. Isn't that what the enemy's doing right now?

Always throwing something else in the way. There's always something else coming on. And what's the fight? The fight is to maintain your focus, because whatever you focus on the most, that's what's gonna come to pass.
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