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Creflo Dollar — Deliverance From Self-Centeredness

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You are affected by everything when you are in the center of it. Bitterness is a result of self-centeredness. Every grief that you experience in your life is a result of self-centeredness.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a time right now that we're gonna have to be more God-dependent than we've ever been. You are not the source of your prosperity, you are not the source of your healing, you are not the source of your deliverance.

Without Him you can do nothing, but with Him you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you. Bitterness comes because the design that was born out of yourself didn't work, and so you become bitter.

The plan you came up with didn't work, so you become bitter. The--the--the strategy you had that you learned at a conference, it didn't work, and you became bitter. Because, I'm gonna tell you, there's nothing you can do without Jesus that's gonna work.

You're not stuck with what happened 35 years ago. God has a brand-new life. He has beauty for ashes that He wants to give you, and you do not have to remain the same! You don't have to be an angry man that's upset because you never had a daddy around to confirm you!

I confirm you! I affirm you! I say to you that you're good! I say to you you're special! I say to you that you are useful! You have somebody greater than the daddy that wasn't there! You have a Jesus who has died for you on the cross!

So stop being angry at everybody. "Didn't nobody even call me on my birthday." Well, call yourself. Call yourself. Go in the mirror and get the phone, call yourself. Get your other phone, "Hello?" "Happy birthday!" "Thank you! I appreciate it! Praise the Lord!"

Don't sit there and let the devil continue to destroy you and give you grief and give you bitterness! I will not be in the center! I'm gonna make Jesus the center of my life! I'm gonna put Him there, praise God!
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