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Creflo Dollar — Trusting God With Your Finances

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When you commend somebody to something, you entrust them. You're delivering them to somebody else with confidence that they're going to be taken care of. I entrust you to the word of His grace, and the word of His grace is going to take care of you.

Oh my goodness. I entrust you to the word of His grace. I entrust you to this unmerited favor. I entrust you to this unearned favor. I'm entrusting you to what Jesus has done. I'm entrusting you to the blood. Man, that's powerful.

The fact that the word of His grace-- notice what he said-- is able to build you up. Do you know how much trust you're going to have to have in the Lord to honor Him with your substance? Honor--when you honor God, you are saying that there is nothing or no one greater than Him.

Grace has made everything available that we'll ever need in our lives. You know, before He put Adam and Eve in the garden, He made sure everything was available. I'm so glad He didn't decide to create man on the second day, or he would have drowned, because it wasn't ready yet for him. But everything he needed was in that garden.

Everything that we need, everything that pertains to life and godliness has already been done. Most of the things you pray about, it's already been done. Most of the things you find that you need, it has already been done.

Grace has made it available, and you're gonna have to get to the place where you say, you know--ask yourself, "Do I trust what grace has already made available?"

You know, you're expecting for the greater things to happen, and everything that you're receiving from God is gonna require your faith and trust to take possession of it. And so you're trying to take possession of this greater thing, and you're walking around wondering, "What's happening? What's going on in my life?" You know, and you're examining yourself, and it just--it just may be that you just haven't trusted Him with the least.
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