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Creflo Dollar — The Danger of Mixing Grace

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You know, sometimes we hear promises and we're so convinced that we need to do something to help God bring this promise to pass. I said cast out the law. Cast it out of your house, cast it out of your life, cast it out of your operation.

And I know that makes you feel uncomfortable because, I mean, the first thing you think about is, "I can't cast out the law. If I cast away the law, that's my moral compass."

No, it is not your moral compass. The Holy Spirit is your moral compass. I declare that you're going to see some supernatural interventions to where you are gonna bypass natural processes as you believe God to see...

Grace is holy because it's the only thing that can bring sinful man together with a holy God. Not because man deserved it, but grace was holy enough to cause that thing to happen.

All right, so what happens when you mix new wine with old bottles? You don't get the benefit of the wine or the bottle. It became worse. It burst. The new caused the old to burst, the wine spilled, the bottle broke. You don't get the benefit of either one.

He says if you're gonna take new wine, new wine has got to go in new bottles. If you're gonna take the new covenant of grace, the new covenant of grace goes with the new law that the Holy Spirit writes on your heart, and that's the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus,
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