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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Jesus Is Your Solution

Creflo Dollar — Jesus Is Your Solution


Why is it that Christ has no effect? We know He's a healer, we know He's a deliverer, we know He's a financier, we know He's the Comforter. Why is Christ not able to have effect?!

We've become so sin-conscious that we even say out loud, "The reason why Christ is not able to have effect in your life is because of the sin." And I am telling you, that is not the truth. Jesus is greater than Satan all day long.

"I gotcha where mercy's concerned. I gotcha where grace is concerned; I got you! If you just believe in Me." When you made a dumb mistake, just look to Jesus, and He's already made provisions to deliver you out of all your dummy. It happened through the great exchange on that cross.

Jesus took your sin nature and exchanged it for His righteous nature, and you became the righteousness of God without doing nothing righteous. And He took on your sin nature and became a sinner without being a sinner. So you don't get no credit for who you are. All credit goes to Jesus
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