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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — Cooperating with God to See Manifestation

Creflo Dollar — Cooperating with God to See Manifestation

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Let's go to the book of Mark, Chapter , and I'm gonna talk to you today about how to cooperate with God. Now, that's gonna be very important where-- when it comes to seeing manifested the finished works of Jesus Christ in your life. We have already decided, we know that everything we ever need in life we have by the grace of God. Jesus, Jesus, amen, has provided everything we'll ever need.

And so most of the time when you are going to God and trying to get God to do something that He's already done, you operate in doubt and unbelief, and unbelief will completely shut down everything. It's--it is vital in this system of understanding how to see manifestations of what Jesus has already done, you have to believe it and you have to know when you're operating in unbelief, you've got to know when you're operating in belief. And so we're talking about seeing manifestations this year.

This is time for you to know intelligently what to do to see the manifestations of the finished works of Jesus Christ. Now, in order to do that you're gonna have to unlearn some things that religion has taught you, things that are not right, things that are incorrect. And you've gotta go to the Bible and find out what to do because this being the best year of your life... I'm gonna keep on saying it.

I'm gonna keep saying it. Best year for you, best year for your children, best year for your finances. So the issue is today, if cooperation is necessary for manifestation, how do you cooperate with God? If cooperation is necessary for manifestation-- Now, what are we trying to manifest? What's already been done. Healing has already been done. You were healed , years ago. Deliverance, already done. Your prosperity, already done. Your soundness, your deliverance, already done. Everything that pertains to life, already done.

See, religion teaches us that we've got to try to deserve for God to do what we need today. No, He's already done it. He's already forgiven you. Do you know if you go to hell you're going to hell So let's find out how to cooperate with God. And I guess I'll start off by giving you a definition from where we're coming of cooperation.

It just simply means acting together for a common purpose or benefit. It's a joint venture. Acting together, together for a common purpose, a joint venture. Now, I know we're all interested in God confirming the Word with some signs following, but we've got to, first of all, get a revelation of the fact that God works with us.

You're gonna find out this morning that God doesn't do anything independently of people. He's got to have us to work with Him. He's done His part. Now in order to see the manifestation, we've got to find out how to cooperate with what He's already done, how to cooperate with God. Now, religiously, for some people it is very comforting to them to feel like God is the one who willed for a person to die.

It's comforting for some people to say, "Well, they died because that was God's will." It's comforting for some people to say, "Well, you know, they failed because that must have been God's will." Or to say, "Well, they had a nervous breakdown. That must have been God's will." Or, "That marriage broke up. That must have been God's will." That's comfortable for some people. And you've got to understand, ladies and gentlemen, none of that is God's will. God's will is in His Word, and God's will is not for your life to be filled with destruction.

It's not God's will for you to experience all the things you experience. "Well, how come they died? It must have been God's will." Because religion has taught us, "Well, you know, if it happened, then it was the will of God; but if it didn't happen, then that's the will of God." That's incorrect. Or, you know, if you get healed-- I heard somebody say the other day, "Well, healing's not for everybody." Yes, it is.

Healing is for everybody. Now, everybody doesn't receive it, but healing is for everybody. Everybody doesn't receive it, but healing-- God released healing 2,000 years ago for every person that came on the planet, but, now, everybody-- not everybody receives it. Don't say God didn't-- it's not God's will to heal you. It's just some people who don't know how to receive what He has made for everybody. It's God's will for everybody to be saved on the planet, but not everybody's saved.

Because they haven't made a decision to get saved. It's God's will for everybody to be prosperous and for everybody not to have any lack, but not everybody knows how to cooperate and knows how to agree with what He's already done.

So the problem is not God, the transmitter. The problem is you and I, the receiver. We don't know how to receive. So it's more comfortable for us to say, "Well, the reason why we didn't get it, because God must have not wanted us to get us." No, the reason you didn't get it, because you don't know how to cooperate. And you've got to know how to cooperate if you're gonna receive what He wants you to do.

He said it in His Word. He said, "It is not my will that any should perish, but that all may come unto repentance." That's His will. Well, are people perishing? Yes... yes. Is it God's will that they perish? No. You are a free moral agent. You have a right to choose, you have a right to make a choice, and it's become very comfortable for us to say, "Well, that's God will."

You know, if I got the job, "That's God's will." If I didn't get the job, "That's God's will." That's incorrect. You might not have got it because you didn't know how to cooperate with God. But it's easier to say, "Well, it must not have been God's will for me to get it.

Well, it must not have been God's will for that to happen." No, no, no, no, no. For you to say that is for you to say, well, God did something without the cooperation of men, and that would go against everything He did. You see, God gave you spiritual authority over all the earth.

Some people say, "Well, you know, Brother Dollar, after all God is in control." Now, I told you that wasn't altogether the whole truth. You see, God, who is sovereign, who can do anything that He wants to do, any way He wants to do it, however He wants to do it, made a decision to do something His way, and took His authority and gave His authority to man to operate on this planet as a human being.

When He gave man authority to operate on the planet, He said, "You are a man with a human, physical body. I give you authority to operate on the planet where human, physical people live. And in order for you to have authority on the planet, you've got to have-- you have to be a man with a human, physical body."

You know what He did when He did that? He limited His authority on the earth. When He said, "You have to be a man to have authority on the earth--" Where did He say that? Genesis , where He said, "I gave you authority over all the earth, and everything in the earth." When He did that, He limited His authority as God, who is a spirit, on the earth. He limited His authority because He gave you the authority to operate. What does that mean?

See, if He had authority to operate certain things on the earth without men with human, physical bodies, then when Adam and Eve messed up, He'd have just fixed it. But if He'd have done that, it would have been an illegal act based on the very system He set up. And the system was, in order for things to work, man has to authorize it.

And if men don't authorize what takes place on the planet, it's not gonna take place because if I now come in without the authorization of men, then I am illegal in my operation. And that's why when it messed up in the Garden of Eden, God could not respond immediately because He had to get somebody to cooperate and He needed a body to have authority in the earth, but he couldn't even get the body of Jesus until He got some man in the earth to start speaking and saying that a virgin will give birth to a man, and His name will be called Jesus.

You don't realize that you've been clothed with an enormous amount of ability and power and authority. And when Jesus came and God was in Jesus, and the Son of God dwelt in the Son of man, then all kinds of things started happening. And so what was Jesus doing in His physical body? Cooperating with God.

He said, "I don't say nothing unless God tells me to say it. I don't do nothing unless God tells me to do it." He was cooperating with the Father. So now all of the things you're believing God to do and trying to get God to do, you're ignoring this piece about you cooperating as men and women of authority so that what God has done as God--glory to God.

Actually, what God has done as God in the body of Jesus Christ... mm, now requires your authorization for the manifestation to show up here. Everything He's done requires your authorization to show up here. That's what we're gonna talk about today specifically. I ain't gonna try to get all deep with it. I'm just gonna one, two, three, and give it to you.

You're gonna walk out of here and do one, two, three, and then you're gonna see some manifestations and say, "Oh, I like this." Then you're gonna come back next week, "Give me some more instructions." It's gonna be like Betty Crocker putting the directions on the back of a box. Because it's time for you to walk in the manifestations of everything that God has made available to you. No more powerless religion.
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